Divardy delivers machines in Greece

08 Apr 2013

DIVARDY is working on a great international project. In the third quarter of 2012 David Rijke met with a great client from Greece. Besides revision of machines and transport, a high capacity suction depanner and some high tech transport solutions are offered.


From December 2012 DIVARDY mechanics have been working intensively on the revision of machines for Greece. Solutions where found for widening transport, replacing cables and refurbishing machines. Thanks to great effort everything was completed and transported to Greece in the first week of February.


At the same time DIVARDY engineers have been developing new transport solutions and a high capacity suction depanners in CAD. Thanks to DIVARDY engineers this machine came to live in February.


Currently all machines are deployed in a large industrial bakery in Greece. The suction depanner developed by DIVARDY has a high capacity of 9000 breads per hour. The machine is suitable for deployment with a suction unit or needle unit (under license of Kaak) to depan bread. With a single suction head capacity of this depanner will be 4500 bread per hour. A development suitable for the depanner specialist Divardy is famous for.


DIVARDY is developing machines and its self.