10 Dec 2013

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When a Belgian industrial bakery approached Divardy to assist with a difficult and complicated production problem, they were only to pleased to help.

The bakery produces standard bread in one pan type, but they have introduced a second product which they call ‘halves’, and is two 400 gm breads in the same sized pan straps.

The standard method of a suction Depanner was not acceptable, not only did it damaged the product decoration, it was noisy and consumed large  amounts of energy.  But   Divardy's technical department provided the answer with a Double Head Needle Depanner.


Divardy have already supplied their energy efficient single head Needle Depanners throughout Europe and looked at the possibility of a creating a  double head version of their product.

Where other manufacturers were unable to offer a solution, the unique Divardy Double Head Needle Depanner provided the bakery with a product that not only Depanned  both bread types without damage, it eliminated the noise and reduced the customers energy bills.

The Divardy technical engineering team pride themselves in working with bakeries, offering high quality products and  short term payback  solutions to their customers.